1. International DAAD-Alumni-Summer School "Recording, Monitoring and Managing Biodiversity - Implementation oriented Research"

28.09.2009 bis 05.10.2009

Area: Hessen

Begin: 10:37am

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is providing financial support to organize the international DAAD-Alumni Seminar Recording, Monitoring and Managing Biodiversity. It will take place at Kassel University from 28th September to 05th October 2009 in Witzenhausen, Germany.
The main topic of this Summer School is the demonstration and discussion of classical morphological-systematic field methods and of molecular methods for recording and characterization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA). The role of ex situ and in situ agrobiodiversity conservation concepts will be discussed as well as conservation measures in governmental and non- governmental organizations and institutions. The seminar will address the question how recording and documentation of biodiversity in the home countries of the applicants can contribute to the international concepts.

Please visit the Website http://www.agrar.uni-kassel.de/ink/?c=164 for more information on the Summer School and on how to apply. If there are any further question write to biodiversity@ditsl.org.