3rd one-day symposium of the ATF and EAAP Commission on Livestock Farming Systems


Begin: 08:30am

End: 06:00pm

Sustainable livestock systems - what does this mean?
Monday 28th August - 8:30-18:00
Lyon, France
During the EAAP annual meeting

The EU will introduce a Framework Law on Sustainable Food Systems in 2023. In this context, what are sustainable livestock systems, which common ground could they have and how will they differ from region to region? Policymakers, civil society, NGOs, consumers, the agri-food sector and scientists all want to better define and contribute to more sustainable livestock systems. However, there is no clear definition of what a sustainable livestock system is, how to assess the state of existing systems, and the direction in which they must evolve. In the meanwhile, food security has grown in importance because of the recent crisis occurring in Europe. How to combine food security, resilience and sustainability should be at the centre of research and innovation and policy initiatives.
This topic will explore the key attributes of sustainable livestock systems, the trade-offs and synergies between different aspects of the systems and their interactions with other parts of the food system. It will also explore how current livestock systems can evolve to be more sustainable and will examine methodologies to assess the sustainability of livestock systems.

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