Launch of ANIMAL - a major new International Journal of Animal Bioscience

‘ANIMAL – The International Journal of Animal Bioscience’ is the central element in a new and exciting collaborative venture between European Federation for Animal Science (EAAP), Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), and British Society of Animal Science (BSAS).

ANIMAL, has been established to better meet the future challenges in the dissemination of knowledge and to address the developing areas within the animal biosciences. Whilst it represents a merging of three scientific journals, the vision is to develop a completely new entity which seeks to attract the best research in animal biology and animal systems from across the spectrum of the agricultural, biomedical and environmental sciences. The concept is not exclusive and the 3 partners invite other journals to join this initiative and to further rationalise the publishing of knowledge from the animal biosciences.
Mike Steele (BSAS Chief Executive) Philippe Chemineau (INRA Head Animal Physiology and Livestock Systems Department) Andrea Rosati (EAAP –Secretary General) said that, Our aim is to make ANIMAL a major international force in the animal science sector and to raise the profile and standing of integrative biology alongside more specialist disciplines. This is a truly International collaboration with all three parties contributing different skills in animal science communication. Our aim is to benefit from each other’s strengths and produce a first class publication that will also reduce fragmentation in the sector.
ANIMAL aims at publishing original, cutting-edge research and horizon-scanning reviews on animal-related aspects of the life sciences at the molecular, cellular, organ whole animal and production system levels

The main subject areas covered include Animal Breeding and Genetics, Nutrition, Physiology and Functional Biology of Systems, Behaviour, Welfare and Health, Production and Livestock Systems and Animals and the Environment. Animal models and papers dealing with the integration of research between these topics and their impact on the environment and people will be particularly welcome.
The new journal will be launched from January 2007 and the new team is delighted that CABI will be the publisher.
The Management Board of the journal is seeking an Editor-in-Chief who will have full scientific responsibility for launching and developing ANIMAL including overseeing the integration of current journals, initiating new methods of delivery and raising the profile and impact of the journal.
ANIMAL presents an exciting new opportunity for BSAS members, INRA staff and EAAP commissions to publish high-quality papers and contribute to the vision of a leading International journal with a European base. ANIMAL is your journal, owned by BSAS, INRA and EAAP entirely for the benefit of scientists.
Authors of papers currently submitted to Animal Science, Animal Research and Reproduction, Nutrition, Development which cannot be published by January 2007 will be contacted to ask if they wish to submit their paper to the new journal.
If you would like to learn more about ANIMAL or are interested in submitting papers, please contact:
Mike Steele at BSAS: Mike.Steele@sac.ac.uk (44 131 445 4508)
Philippe Chemineau at INRA: Philippe.Chemineau@tours.inra.fr ( 33 2 47 42 79 38)
Andrea Rosati at EAAP: rosati@eaap.org ( 39 06 44202639)