Sonderausgabe von GenTORE veröffentlicht

GenTORE hat eine Sonderausgabe eines Book of Abstracts veröffentlicht, in dem die Breite der Forschungsergebnisse verschiedener Projekte herausgestellt werden.

In dieser Sonderausgabe werden die folgenden Abstracts vorgestellt:

  • Economic consequences of dairy crossbreeding in conventional and organic herds
  • Influence of dietary energy concentration and body weight at slaughter on carcass tissue composition and beef cuts of modern type Fleckvieh bulls
  • Exploration of variance, autocorrelation, and skewness of deviations from lactation curves as resilience indicators for breeding
  • Drivers of change in mountain agriculture: A thirty-year analysis of trajectories of evolution of cattle farming systems in the Spanish Pyrenees
  • Animal board invited review: Specialising and intensifying cattle production for better efficiency and less global warming: contrasting results for milk and meat co-production at different scales

Quelle: GenTore